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I’ve just had to voluntarily surrender my van back to the lease company because a fraudster cyclist claimed I knocked him off his bike. Aviva paid his claim. They said it was better to pay it (without prejudice) than risk a personal injury claim from him later on. They took the money back from me under clause “Subrogation” and removed my no-claims bonus. My insurance went from £50 a month to £205. To date Stuart Colby has contradicted himself so many times I believe he’s actually lost count of the number of lies I’ve been fed by Avivavin general. I’ve never had a worse experience. I chose them because they gave the cheapest quote BUT GOSH DO I REGRET IT. 18 months on I’m still dealing with the financial ombudsman service and the Met police to clear my name. I’m self employed 57 yes old and this has absolutely crippled me in every sense of the word. Upcoming Court case 6th July 2021
Paul Musgrave clearly demonstrates here attributes not befitting a Police Officer who has sworn allegiance, not only to The Crown but also to 'the people' being fairly treated. Sign of the times sadly... There are so many corrupt police officers today we have no choice but not to trust them as a whole entity. Also, sadly a fact and of which I have first hand experience.

Get a grip you loser, literally nobody cares about this anymore. I didn't want to go to court anyway so its saved me a trip. Stop sending me letters, I don't care. Your biased website never shows any of the negative comments you get so this will be the one and only time ill visit it.

On the contrary, old chap - I've never had any negative comments despite ASKING for them. You are more than welcome to state your case here but to be fair you should admit that you are one of the ACCUSING POLICEMEN and not an unbiased member of the public.I quite believe that "you don't care" - you certainly didn't care for my right to Freedom of Speech and did everything in your malicious and vendictive repetoire to see me prosecuted - it failed because even your own side didn't believe your "evidence" you are an unmitigated disgrace to your uniform.The letter I sent you four offending policemen still stands - I want, nay, demand you to apologise or else I will be prosecuting you for my costs and expenses as per my bill. ALAN.
I think you feel everything is everyone else's fault and that they should do everything for you! So why dont other people do the same as you,well Alan because they have some sence. If you leave expensive tools on show then what do you expect hardly the police's fault because of your own stupidity. But wait its your insurances fault for your no claims hmm pattern emerging I can see here. All I can say is your a silly man for your age and maybe stop blaming others and get on with your life. I'm sure the back of your truck will soon say police shower of bastards as your such a happy person. I would also say possibly your lucky as your own defence on out dated laws would have made the magistrates laugh there heads off 😆

I'm not quite sure why you are mentioning tools being on show - this business is about VEHICLE INSURANCE and in particular Aviva withdrawing their orignal policy by backdated letter and then over charging - I assure you that this IS an offence.

I don't need to write anything about the police - most people already think fair worse - they have brought that criticism on themselves by not doing their jobs properly. And you, young man, should go back to school and learn English.
I drove past your van every day while living in Watford on the way to Slough - made me chuckle, then when I came to your website and realized *why* you were so annoyed at Aviva and, indeed, the police, both of them are a shower of bastards.

The worst thing? I'm not surprised by any of it - I'm used to law-abiding people being treated like dirt, and being ripped off for the pleasure.

Keep it up.
Just listened to your segment on the 'JVS Show.'

I take my hat off to you; not for referring to Aviva as a "shower of bastards" (testing the veracity of any personal opinion formed by personal experience is always going to be subjective) but rather for your refusal to just meekly comply with that which you consider to be the abuses of authority arbitrarily visited upon you by those whom you aptly describe as "little people with big jobs."

As you are well aware, your intention to press for personal accountability here places you on the cusp of opening up a can of worms...and those with a vested interest in keeping the lid on that can of worms will continue to do their utmost to stifle you.

I wish you well and will continue to follow your progress. Good luck!

I drive past that van almost everyday, its not offensive in slightest and puts forward a topic which is affecting all of us. Insurance companies 'legally' robbing us blind! Keep up the good work!
No, that's not offensive. I've seen worse written on t-shirts. Much worse, in fact. Just cross the last R out, or use O'Bastard, which is, I believe, a name.

The police wanted me to asterisk out one of the "a"s in bastards but I said no! What's the point in doing that when EVERYBODY can atill read the word?
“The government and police forked out millions to protect Salman Rushdie and his freedom of speech – it’s very contradictory.”

A fantastic line and very true. Not shocked by your sign at all. Good luck!

Alan would add:- Mr Rushdie is STILL under police protection at the cost of over £1million a year - and there is absolutely no doubt that most Muslims would find his book "The Satanic Verses" very offensive.
Not offensive at all. Good to see you fighting back. Power to the people!
The "Public Order Act", like its nasty brother, PACE, is a disgusting Tory gagging and behavioural modification tool. Both "Acts" should be repealed. Police employees are using the Acts to punish, gag, and torment the people they are paid very highly to support and or serve.
Aviva have cops on their side as it is, through the MID and insurance enforcement scams, so they deserve some truth 'bombs' occasionally, otherwise they will think that they are dictators.
NO. It is not offensive. It is opinion, and the opinions of politicians and telly people offend me every day, but nobody stops them or uses apparently corrupt courts to even attempt to stop them. The Council TAX must not be used to gag people, as it is in secretive "family courts".
I am with you all the way m8, go for trial by jury as the magistrates court is a police court and an automatic conviction regardless. Far too many people use the, I'm offended excuse these days for the most trivial of things and the Police will always create an offence for some one's actions even when no offence has been committed. The word Bastard is not illegal,fight it all the way.
I agree completely they were absolute bastards with me and still owe me. Aviva also got me blocked from Twitter for describing my experience with them. I had to take them to the ombudsman when my home was completely flooded and despite my policy covering me for flood they refused tmy claim. They then (when forced to accept by the ombudsman) made an absolute mess of the work. I wsa lied to and the assessor was the brother-in-law of the builder they said I must use. they also increased my car ins for a 1.4 puma from £75 per month to £175 per month, although i had 9 yrs no claims (actually 13 yrs, but 9 is the max apparently), and am a pensioner Bastards, thieves and liars
I think you are absolutely justified in what you are doing. Your not the only one who thinks Aviva are a shower of Bastards. You are simply expressing your truth. Well done.
Alan Bastard is not offensive. It just describes your opinion of the people you are dealing with.
Good luck with your fight against oppression.
Your vehicle, your opinion. No I don't find your van and it's message offensive. But then again I'm not a whiny little bitch. Keep on sticking it to them. 😊
politely remind the court of Section 6,3a of the human rights act, before you say anything else. then remind them of your ECHR's namely Article 10, then remind them of Section 6 of the human rights act, in that order. boom!
Keep it mate. You are entitled to your opinion.
Your vehicle, your opinion. No I don't find your van and it's message offensive. But then again I'm not a whiny little bitch. Keep on sticking it to them. 😊
I don't find it offensive at all. Good luck
Under the right of disclosure you can ask old bill yourself or better a solicitor for all police traffic i.e telephone and radio comms regarding this 'so called offence' then you will know if plod is lying!! i suspect they are ( but then i cannot stand old bill).
You are doing nothing wrong and I applaud your steadfast refusal to bow down to pressure. I too am currently having a terrible experience trying to claim from AVIVA and I whole heartedly echo your statement. I don't know how they sleep at night! Thanks for fighting the fight
You need a share on Facebook button, make it viral!
Stick it to them fella - DEMAND a 'Court de Jure (Jury Court)' as is your right and put the Chief Constable on the stand to provide the evidence of the alleged complaints. Magna Carta stands!

I will see if I can dig out some case authorities that will help you.
Well done Alan! It is a freedom of speech issue, as far as I see it. Individuals should not be barred from criticizing corporations. There should be someone who should listen to your case and the company's and make a call. Good luck!
I have read about this article in the Watford Observer previously and live within walking distance of where this Genteman parks his van . I had left comments after reading that a young mother was concerned of her eight-year-old child reading the word "bastard" and her embarrassment of trying to explain this word to her daughter . In my humble opinion the word itself is not offensive in any way . I feel that this gentleman who is self-employed and not making any demands on the state Should be patted on the back for being able at his time of life to run his own business and be well enough and able enough to do what would be considered a truly physical job !
It would be interesting to know where these so-called complaints have come from and I feel it is such a shame the police have to waste their resources investigating Complaints such as these , and taxpayers money enforcing such pettiness through the courts . " Live and let live "
You have my support. Whatever your motivations, you have the right to express yourself as far as i'm concerned, even if what your saying is technically wrong (which im not saying it is or not I don't really understand it). You have been angered by Aviva, rightly or wrongly, but you are angry and want the world to know, even if it looses you gardening business when people think your mad. You have a right to communicate that message in whatever way you want. We clearly live in a police state where speaking your mind is not tolerated. You represent dissent, and the police state are happy to silence you. I don't really know much about law, but I do know that under the EU Bill Of Human Rights people have a right to freedom of expression, or something like that. Fortunately your old and so even if it goes badly you wont loose your future etc, but what your doing is sort of important because younger people could not afford that sort of martyrdom. However, you need to watch your health, the stress my kill you. They have it all worked out. These are dark times. Either way, your sign is awesome.
Fantastic Alan. No offence to me. Keep up the great protest.
I don't find it offensive at all, in fact I agree with you. I had an accident and they weren't interested in my side of the story and never contacted me with updates. When I phoned them I found out that the other party was claiming all sorts and they believed him so I just left them to get on with it. They never even told me the end result. I'm with you 100%, freedom of speech should prevail.
Keep it up mate, i had an endowment mortgage with those bastards, owing money at the end of it!! So i'm all for it!!
Good for you! About time someone stood up for what's right rather than being all 'wet liberal '
Well done Alan - first class website - very well evidence based argument, with you all the way !
No, I don't find you calling Aviva a shower of bastards offensive - I've had trouble with them myself and called them much worse! Good luck with your case if it goes to court - trust the police to stick their noses in where it isn't wanted.
Well done Alan - I'm with you all the way.