Hi, this is me - Alan Clark (well scrubbed up!) this photo is also a good few years old now - so so am I! I'm well passed the normal retiring age but hopefully far from dotage.


I've been running my own landscape gardening company for many years and have held down various hands-on jobs in the building industry and was quite successful as a salesman in commercial interiors

I've lived in Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire for over forty years and have been married to "her indoors" for nearly fifty ( and it don't seem a day too long!) We have two grown up daughters, one grandson and a cat! Our household has always featured animals - horses; ponies; dogs; cats; rabbits; guinea pigs - even an aged tortoise which sadly died.  





Her indoors will forgive me for saying this but here's a photo of the love of my life! ( I get away with saying this as I bought the wonder mare "Mother Goose" for her but despite her placid looks - she could be very marish ( that's the horse I mean not me missus!).

Sadly dear Goosey went to the Happy Paddock in 1993


I have never been "in trouble" with the police before - never had a speeding ticket and I don't go in for much riotous behaviour! Indeed, quite the opposite - when we had a Resident's Association, I was voted Chairman for several years. I'm a fair's fair sort of bloke - do unto others and all that but do occassional slip into my alta ego of Victor Meldrew - I don't BELIEVE IT! 


I accept the mild criticism that some of you think I'm mad to write my sign (mainly, I suspect, because you wouldn't) and think that my business might be adversely affected - well thanks for your concern but I do not rely on small jobbing - go take a look at www.firstclassgardens.com - it's an overemployed adjective these days "Landscape" together with "Gardener" however, in my case it's appropriate - I frequently change the landscape and find that my clients are just as opinionated as myself!