The D.V.L.A What's your experience with this bunch of First Class penpushers?


I'm in the midsts of being fined for not declaring S.O.R.N. - at all? Quick enough? I don't know which and both are wrong!


I'm old enough to remember popping into the local post office to pay me Road Fund License or Car Tax as everyone called it and watched the counter clerk stamp the little paper disc to put it me windscreen and then fight with the holder for the next six months when it would unstick and fall down.


It was a relatively simple affair   - couple of papers to take with you, M.O.T. test certificates and proof of insurance and you'd be in and out in minutes and the paper disc proved you done the necessary.


Now all this stuff - like so much these days - has to be done on-line. I don't mind on-line stuff - so long as it works!!!


Recently I took my truck off road because I'd had a very bad arthritic attack while carrying out repairs forcing me to stop and this illness incapacitated me to such an extent - I'm completely floored. I don't know whether I shall improve enought to drive this vehicle again and am waiting for hip replacement surgery.


I had trouble even logging on to their S.O.R.N. declaration site but they have said themselves that their system knows of my attempt though they say it was abandoned rather than any fault of their own - Shower of Bastards!  They've sent me a fine for £80 - no summons, no opportunity to fight in court - just threats to send a debt collector.

My letter of complaint explained how it was their site that didn't work - repeatly. They did not acknowledge the email I sent on the same day complaining about their website not working. I asked any reply to be signed so I'd know who to sue.

The reply I've just received concludes - Enforcement Officer on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport sent unsigned. Which is of course a deliberate and calculated thumbing of their corporate nose. 


Why do we have to put up with stuff such as this??? 

There are so many people evading their ridiculous outmoded tax they jump at the chance of screwing money from ordinary folk like me.