My old mum was very fond of quoting the old adage of :- sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. My four volume version of Ogvilie's Imperial Dictionary would kill anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it when thrown from an upstairs window....... but speaking in metaphor - the phrase seeks to caution those quick to take umbrage.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word "bastard" - it is a LEGITMATE word! ( Funny thing, the police seem to miss that pun!)

It is NOT a primary profanity ( leave that to the "F" word) and has many meanings beside the literal one of a child born out of wedlock - and what the hell does that matter these days anyway? Thousands of folks get together and make children without ever even thinking of getting a vicar involved therefore in its literal sense - the word is MEANINGLESS!


In the good old days - some people were labelled "bastards" but this did not mean that their father wasn't known - quite the opposite! Bastards always belonged to a father but sired with a mother other than his wife. Children of unknown fathers were referred to as "a son of a gun" or something similar; however, a bastard son ( it was always a male ) couldn't inherit even when his paternalism was acknowledged - some of these historical bastards were understandably miffed by their parent's actions before they were born and many bore very large chips - on both shoulders, which prompted them to act....... well.... er... like bastards.   


Ironically the police have a duty to preserve my Freedom of Speech - it's enshrined in English Law and is a fundamental understanding of most people of what makes ENGLAND a free country.


Freedom of Speech is also enshrined in European Law under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights - now there's a fine dividing line between complete and utter freedom to say anything and stopping somewhere short of causing Public Outrage - unfortunately, where this might be is not written down in any Law mainly because Lord Justices like to pontificate on such matters and it keeps all their lawyer chums in luxury!


To the case in point - if you feel inclined to Riot or cause a Breach of the Peace after reading my sign - I'm in the wrong. If you aren't bothered very much - then I have no case to answer!

In fact the police may be guilty of Malicious Prosecution.