After deciding to finally retire - I wrote requesting deregistration - I was ignored.

I wrote again, and again - all the time being obligued by law to make returns.

I complained - was ignored again.


When at last someone phoned saying they'd like to visit - I said you're welcome if it's to do with Deregistration. Nothing else was mentioned.


A few days later a lady in full Muslim attire appeared at my door announcing herself to be a Senior VAT Officer (impressive eh?)


So off we both toddled to my office where we struck up quite friendly chat - especially as I had a copy of the Quor'An there. She enquired if I found it "enlightening." I said that I'd read up on most religions and found that  book rather repetitive - so many "is it not known's" -  she let that pass but said that she adhered to Islam in everything she did - including collecting VAT.


She firstly praised my bookeeping - and she should know because she looked at every bill and invoice for the last seven years - but then I couldn't find three bills for materials that I'd claimed refund upon - she started being officious despite being shown the invoice to my client which I'd paid VAT on.


A few days later I received a very snotty letter and a demand for "back tax" , a fine and godknows what else.


After searching thousands of bills, receipts and invoices - I found the missing three filed in the wrong order. Sent them off by Recorded Delivery.


More letters from HMRC - getting heavier as time went on - I replied to each one - go look at what I've sent you.


 They then wrote virtually calling me liar - they haven't had anything from me. 


This went on for months with fresh threats.

About SIX MONTHS later = the Post Office returned my letter with the bills still untouched - sticker on the front -



Who's a LIAR now?


The case was transferred to their Complaint dept - it must be overwhelmed eh?


I stepped up a writing campaign - I don't pull any punches when I'm writing full of justified anger! 

But it made sod all difference - they ignored them all but continued to demand payment.


I then wrote asking direct questions about why a so called Senior Officer was sent to my piffling firm in the first place - and did they know she was collecting VAT in the name of Allah?



This did prompt a reaction -

complete denial


I wrote again, asking why this lady had such a change of heart once out of my office and why was my Recorded Delivery refused?


Complaints stated that both my claims were impossible - the lady was a well respected member of staff and wouldn't conduct herself in such a manner and they had no record of my delivery. 


I sent photos of the Post Office returned sticker and dropped in that all positions in my office are covered by cctv. 


I think the complaints guy nearly detonated - how dare I mention religion, video their people etc., etc., done in secret - I wrote back saying that I wasn't the one who brought up religion and the computer screen the lady used in my office has a camera sitting on top of it blinking every now and then - hardly secret. Apparantly, this is also a breach of Procedure - a VAT officer musn't use your kit - they are supposed to oversee you do it. Two strikes eh?


Oh, and oh yes, my office has about 20 big photos of New York before and after 911 - did he think this might have a place in the narrative?




I wrote again, and again.


Then out of the Blue - a letter from him with a cheque for the £5.00 Recorded postage - he had now established that the Postie had been turned away by an over zealous security guard!


That cheque hangs on my wall uncashed!


I've yet to receive any apology - the same guy who sent the cheque carried on for a few letters denying everything and finally disappeared.


I then began receiving Debt Collectors threats - all deaf to complaints - it's been going on for SEVEN YEARS!


All through this time I've demanded they sue me - if they are so sure of themselves - put up or shut up. They just hand me over to another Debt firm.


I cannot but feel that this is some kind of vendetta - they've circled their wagons to protect one of their own and used all their powers to be awkward as hell.


I can't help but see shades of Mr Bates and his beef with the Post Office - what do you think?


It shouldn't be allowed!