Have you ever had a problem insuring your car or van?


Did you know that the industry ( I hate calling insurance an industry!) keeps vast databases on US! That's you and me - yet we can't see the information and have no right to change anything wrong!!


I want that STOPPED!  I want a LAW to force every company to tell us EVERYTHING! And have the legal RIGHT to have incorrect information changed quickly


IRONICALLY - they don't seem to know your NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT - you have to prove it yourself!! 


I want it made LAW to COMPEL them to put all NCD on their database - relieving us of all that faff!


Have you noticed too, that if you are unfortunate enough to have a claim - it doesn't BELONG to YOU!!! The insurer can do what they like! They can pay out a claim without telling you (you'll only find out when you go to renew your policy!!)  One did this to me on a claim that was FRAUD!!! I kid you not!!  They can arrange repairs regardless of cost - they don't shop around - they just charge it to you.  

If your motor is stolen - have you experienced how difficult it is to get the amount you thought it was worth? Even if you stated the going value? 

Have you noticed how the "small print" is getting ever smaller and longer? I'm sure that in the end we will all have to stand on one leg and jump and down to get insured at all and then not be covered if there's an "R" in the month!


I want all that STOPPED TOO!  They should be COMPELLED to be FAIR


email your MP NOW!!!!!