This all started because Rickmansworth POLICE decided they didn't like my sign.


Not that they admited it was them and them alone who decided the word "bastard" offended the public in 2016 - when the "F" word is on telly every day!


Of course, the policemen who original took umbrage were not big proper villian catching Bruce Willis superhero types - but small fat snivelling lacklustre jobsworths sort that just love hiding inside a uniform. 


First of all they said they'd had "complaints" - which quickly changed to a single complaint that they couldn't - or wouldn't substantiate. I told them that if they did produce a single credible complaint  - I'd remove the sign.  



After their case collapsed, one of those POLICEMAN RESIGNED!!!


I've asked the Chief Constable of Hertfordshire - "Did he jump, or was he pushed?" As yet no answer - I'm not holding my breath.


                          YES,  THE CASE WAS  DROPPED!


     IT'S NOT OFTEN I'M SPEECHLESS BUT I'M DISAPPOINTEDLY STUNNED - I WAS Soooooooo looking forward to giving the lying policemen a public dressing down!


            The Crown Prosecution Service's Senior Crown Prosecutor   

                  "discontinued" the charges - due to lack of evidence!!! 


           There has been an interstellar lack of evidence in this matter since the day the

               policeman liars first said that they had received a complaint - that never was! 


HOWEVER; MY "SHOWER OF BASTARDS" sign is still very much in evidence so I ask you all -




COULD IT BE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY PRE-TRIAL APPEARANCE AT ST ALBANS MAGISTRATES COURT?  Even the Magistrates wondered what on earth I was doing there - especially after I informed them of the HUGE interest in this website and the flood of fighting fund offers - and remarkably for the Internet - NOT ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT! 


COULD IT BE that the CPS suddenly realised that they were on a hiding to nothing? My charge sheet looked like it had been written by a ten year old, yet four constables and a sergent compiled it. As a Defendent in person, I would have had the right to cross examine anyone brought against me - including the police.


No Policeman feels comfortable being forced to explain himself - let alone ones who know themselves to be liars! 


I MADE A DISCLOSURE DEMAND FOR A POLICE NOTEBOOK that had mysteriously brought itself into existence. (I know this book to be either imaginary or faked as I didn't see any writing being done at my cautioning) I can easily imagine this bunch of intellectuals actually entering a faked up notebook into Court Evidence - as forensic tests would easily prove!


I also demanded GPS data from the policemen's personal mobiles - I believe that this would prove that they had opportunities to see my sign many times before they said they had in their statements = LIARS!!!


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