After all, the policyholder may well be in their grave and unable to complain!


In 2015 I bought insurance cover for my two light goods vehicles from Aviva Direct - I accepted their price and paid their premium (expensive but hey ho)

They later wrote or emailed for further information of my No Claims Bonus - ( it was only ever 10%) as I freely admitted two fault claims in the last three years.


I had difficulty in obtaining proof of NCD from my previous insurers - Zenith via Commercial Vehicles Direct so I suggested Aviva contact them direct.


I heard nothing further until Aviva wrote a letter dated 17th November 2015 saying that they had CANCELLED my policies on 21st October 2015 - which had made me a criminal for over three weeks! (They've later denied this but the fact remains - they sent the letter - black and white: insurance cancelled!!!) I reckon its quite obvious that if I'd had an accident during this "uninsured" period - they'd have walked away


Being put on the spot, out and about in an uninsured vehicle and a failing mobile battery - my only option was to reinsure with them at a grossly inflated cost! A further £900 - a staggering increase and I believe entirely unfair.

Investigating further.


Despite Aviva cancelling my cover, it was extremely difficult to find out exactly why they'd done so...... "erm... we can't say... data protection.... we suggest you contact your previous insurers"   (I'll leave you to guess what Father Jack would say about menu phones!) 


Suffice it to say I discovered that after buying my new Aviva insurance  my previous insurers had been contacted by a claimant and had paid him out!!! This made me look like a liar through failing to disclose. However; and this is BIG however! The claimant is being investigated for FRAUD as he has made other claims and gross exaggerations in what's known as the scam of "crash for cash." (I have written evidence.)



Aviva have NOW CONFIRMED TWO YEARS N.C.D  but still have not returned my money and don't care - I have a string of emails from - Stuart Colby (get his title) Aviva's Director of Customer Experience saying as much. He denies any involvement with the police interest in the case - but you are free to wonder. 


I would be the first to agree that Aviva have the perfect right to charge what they like in the normal way of business but it is also incumbent upon them to act in good faith being a giant concern, let alone one with a Director of Customer Experience. 

As it is their charges to me are inflated as no allowance was given for the fact my vehicles are only insured for one driver - ME, so while I'm driving one they are being paid for the other to sit in the road.