AVIVA Insurance are still an unmitigated Shower of Bastards!

     and they are proud of it! If you buy cover from them you could end up regreting it!


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In general all Insurance companies are tinged with Bastardy - in that they charge too much for not enough and like to act as they damned well please! It's about time that they were FORCED to recognise that the CUSTOMER IS KING! Click  "INSURANCE




                                                       Let it be KNOWN!


I AM AN ARDENT REMAINER! I VOTED IN THE 1975 "YES" REFERENDUM TO JOIN THE European Economic Community with my eyes open and thoroughly agreeing with the phrase : ever closer Union between member states.


                        I saw this as a good start towards World Government

                 (you may say that I'm a dreamer - but I'm not the only one!)


If you are against this idea - do tell me how on EARTH are we to solve the planet's problems while we all tinker about within artificial and achaic national boundaries?


I'm willing to bet very good money that most folk who voted Brexit had no idea of all the "divorce" problems now in the news and thought it would be as painless and unnoticeable as when we joined - one day in and out the next.   Oh dear, oh dear oh bloody dear!


Many folk followed Nigel Farage's lead in "wanting our country back" through the control of our national borders - but I ask - who will pay for the thousands of extra customs officials?


Does anyone think that every shipping container will be opened, every lorry checked? International commerce does not work like that! Every development has been focused on speeding up the flow - not slowing it down.